What does my ticket get me?

Your base ticket gets you entry into the event where you can go to all the stalls and get involved in any activities they have going on. These tickets are $30 for one day or $50 for a two-day ticket.

The things on offer include everything from playing NZ-made game prototypes, to arcade games, to a giant chessboard. Read more here.

In addition to this, you can purchase an add-on that will get you access to your choice of the Board Games, Card Games, TTRPGs or Tabletop Wargames sections. Each has something different going on that you would be getting access to.

Can I buy multiple add-ons?

You absolutely can! Keep in mind that some will be mutually exclusive (for example, the Wargames add-on will enter you into a 2-day tournament, so you may not have time to go and play Board Games too). But if you wanted to, say, play Board Games for most of the weekend and jump into a D&D session for a couple of hours, you can get an add-on for both the Board Games and TTRPG sections. Don’t forget, you’ll be able to pay on the day if you decide at the last minute you want to do more!


Is there a family pass?

There isn’t, but children under 13 enter for free! If you’re looking or a family day out then you only need to sort tickets for the parents (and the not-so-young-ones).

Will there be food available?

Yes. We will have food trucks parked out front where you can get lunches, drinks and snacks. Our trucks for this event are Vege Pulse, Wipeout Kitchen and Mama’s Donuts.

Do I need to wear a mask/provide a vaccine pass?

At present we’re operating under the Orange framework, which at time of writing means you do not need to wear a mask or provide a vaccine pass to enter this event. Naturally this is subject to change, and we will be complying with all COVID-19 guidelines, so keep yourself updated!


Is there parking available?

There is some parking in the CBD in general, but there is no venue-specific parking. However, it is located right in the heart of Auckland's central transport hub with Britomart across the road and the Ferry Terminal next door, so getting to the event is easy.


Can I set up a stall at the event?

Absolutely! If you’re interested in being involved then send an inquiry to matt.carroll@akcansoc.org.nz