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The Cancer Society of New Zealand
Te kāhui Matepukupuku o Aotearoa

What’s On Offer?

The event is split into four main sections, each dedicated to a different piece of the tabletop pie.

Your ticket will grant you entry into the convention where you'll find a ton of retail, games, hang-out spots and all sorts of things available.
In addition, when you purchase your ticket you can choose to buy add-ons that will grant you entry into each of the four sections. You can take a look below and see what's happening in each area and what your add-on will get you.

Board Games

The Board Games section is dedicated to a massive library of games that, upon entering, you can freely access and play the whole weekend long. Plus there’ll be tons of giveaways with games up for grabs, as well as a math trade, mini-tournaments and silent auctions with proceeds going to Cancer Society.


The Wargames section will be host to a bunch of freeplay tables that anyone with an army can come up and use. Right next door is Nova Games, who will teach you how to play if it's your first time and even have starter sets available, as well as Game Roost who will have hobby workshops for wargame enthusiasts across the weekend. No add-on required, it's all free!

Card Games

Over in the Competitive Card Games area we have one of the most experienced event providers in the country running a massive variety of events across multiple games. Magic: The Gathering and Flesh And Blood will be the biggest two, and in each there’ll be tournaments in all sorts of different formats, casual ‘learn to play’ sections, and spaces for quick pick-up games with other people you meet at the convention.


The Table Top Roleplaying Games (TTRPG) section will have a host of experienced Game Masters (or ‘GMs’) running Dungeons & Dragons sessions across the whole weekend. You can book in advance, or just show up on the day, but either way all you’ll need to bring is enthusiasm. Everything you’ll need to play will already be provided, and the fantastic crew involved will be more than happy to teach you everything you need to know if you’re brand new.

What Else Is On?

X-Wing and Marvel Crisis Protocol

Hobbymaster are offering teaching games of X-Wing and Marvel Crisis Protocol. All ages and skill levels welcome, come along and try something new!

If these great games get you hooked, starter sets will be available so you can dive right in!

Arcade Alley

We have a whole row of Arcade and Pinball machines available. Just grab your freeplay pass on the day and play to your heart’s content all weekend long!

Who knows, maybe you’ll walk away with a high score...

Axe Throwing and Archery

Who hasn’t wanted to throw an axe? The excellent crew out at the New Zealand Stage and Screen Combat School will be on-hand across the weekend with target boards set up for people to, well, throw axes and shoot arrows at!

Giant Games

Woodbotherer are sponsoring us by providing their fantastic lawn games. Cornhole, Shuffle Board, Wall Ball and more classic games will be available for everyone to play. Get your friends together for an impromptu tournament!

TTRPG Freeplay

Maybe you want more after your session with Questbook’s professional GMs, or maybe you have the core book for a brand new system and want to give it a go. Come sit and play TTRPGs free from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the event.

NZ Board Games

Did you know we have people designing board games right here in NZ? The Game Artisans of New Zealand will have a showcase of games from NZ-based designers, many of whom will be prototyping and playtesting brand new games!

And More!

There'll also be a ton of retail and other exhibitor stalls where you can check out all kinds of local creators in the Tabletop space.

And that’s still not everything on at the event. If you're eyeing up the Warhammer, Board Game, Card Game or TTRPG sections but are still unsure of whether to commit then come take a look at what’s going on in each of these areas on the day! You'll be able to buy add-ons for everything during the event (other than pre-registered tournaments) so there's no rush to decide ahead of time.

Who We Are

The Cancer Society of New Zealand was founded in 1929 and rests as one of the country's most loved and trusted charities. Currently, The Cancer Society is the leading non-government organisation dedicated to reducing the incidence and impact of cancer and ensuring cancer care for everyone in New Zealand.

The Cancer Society provides care, support, comfort and hope to people affected by cancer, from diagnosis through to post-treatment. We offer free specialist advice and support for cancer patients, transport to treatment, and accommodation when undergoing treatment far from home. Your support also helps to fund breakthrough cancer research and prevention programmes to protect our future generations.

The Cancer Society is a proactive advocate for cancer patients in New Zealand, providing a voice on all kinds of issues including screening, detection and treatment.